Child Protection and Welfare

St Brigid’s GAA Club is fully committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who participate in our club activities. We do out utmost to take all practical steps to safeguard children from any discernible forms of abuse, harm, discrimination or degrading treatment. We respect our children’s rights, wishes and feelings.


If you are a juvenile member who is worried about your treatment within the club Or An adult member who has concern about the welfare of a child, you are urged to contact the club Children’s Officer. You can be assured that you will be dealt with professionally and in the strictest confidence.

The role of St Brigid’s Club Children’s Officer is to ensure the implementation and promotion of the relevant code of behaviour (underage), so as to ensure that young people can participate, enjoy and benefit from our Gaelic games in a safe and enjoyable environment. The Children’s Officer serves as the link between the children /young adults and the adults within the club. The club Children’s Officer shall assist in promoting a child and youth centred ethos within the club.

Key Contacts

St Brigid’s GAA Club Child Safeguarding Statement

  • The safeguarding statement is underpinned by a comprehensive risk assessment.  It is revised every two years in accordance with GAA guidance.
  • The safeguarding statement is also displayed in numerous locations around the club premises.
  • It is important that every member of St Brigid’s GAA club familiarise themselves with this statement.